About us

Duet was born out of a love for and admiration of fashion. 

We have curated an elevated contemporary shopping destination that is uniquely Southern while spotlighting amazing designers from all over the world.



That is the question we want to answer in the way we dress our clients and how they feel while they are in our beautiful space. 

We want that feeling to carry them to a fantastic party or to a great lunch with friends.

Women's fashion, at its heart, is playful.

Even at its most sophisticated, the art of dressing should exude a visceral response- one that makes the wearer feel infinitely better about the day.

At Duet we have one mission, for you to leave feeling more empowered than when you arrived. 

With 4000 square feet of contemporary clothing, accessories, jewelry, and amazing gifts- Duet is Southern hospitality at it's finest; one fitting at a time.